Photo by Pratiksha Mohanty / Unsplash

1 - Black Bean Burger - (adapted from The Everything Vegan Cookbook) - Super simple!  Just throw the parts in the food processor, then add the flour a little bit at a time.  Really easy (but it does have that acquired-taste squishy veggie burger texture).

2 - Crispy Peanut Tofu -  (adapted from the Minimalist Baker - She’s changed the sauce recipe and it’s not as good, so I'm sticking closer to the original).  This goes really great with bok choy or spinach, but we most often steam broccoli and serve it on the side.  And instead of the “cauliflower rice,” we usually eat it with our Instant Pot Yellow Rice.

3 - Instant Pot Yellow Rice  - (adapted from Budget Bytes recipe)  This is a very simple, deliciously-flavored yellow rice that goes great with stir-fries or curries.  Just remember that if you’re using white rice, use 2 cups of broth/water; but if you’re using brown rice, use 2.5 cups broth/water.

4 - GVaGH's World-Famous Homemade Chili - (Adapted from Ambitious Kitchen)  Probably the recipe we cook the most!  Very easy prep, delicious seasonings, and makes a lot for leftovers.  But the key ingredient is FRITOOOOS!  It’s good without them, but Fritos really bring it all together.