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I'm a PNW transplant from the South.  I've always been interested in gardening - partly because of diet choices, but mostly because I thought it would be a hit with the ladies.  But my first foray into window-herbalism ended up with 30+ little basil-baby sprouts getting chomped down by a sweet-but-edacious dog.  (This same dog on more than one occasion ate socks whole.  Don't ask me how I found out.)

It wasn't until 2020 - when my eyes were opened by the fragility of centralized food systems - that I again started thinking about growing my own food.  I started reading as many books as I could get my hands on to find the most effective and sustainable methods of growing food - at small and large scales.  (I'm also taking an opportunity, as Jessica Sowards says, to "turn my waiting room into a classroom.")

I've started Grow Veg and Go Home (a play on "Go Big or Go Home") to document my journey towards building a life of resiliency.  My hope is that, by chronicling my successes and failures, I might help other seekers (like you!) build lives that create sustainable abundance for themselves and their communities.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure.


Hanging Around
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